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CARNIVAL JOB: Scout/Tailor
JOINED: 3 Years Ago (Before the first Summerlands visit)
TRAILER: #11 | Shared with Ashleigh

✧COMMON CHANGE: Long hummingbird-like tongue
✧COMMON CHANGE: Orange tinted bodily fluids
✧COMMON CHANGE: Glowing orange rings around the iris
✧COMMON CHANGE: Distorted reflection occasionally displaying Aslla Piscu
✧COMMON CHANGE: Bio-luminescent spots & stripes manifesting via Fae Markings
✧COMMON CHANGE: Fae Markings generating from Dark Signer Markings outward, covering arms, legs, back, sides, and face
✩UNCOMMON CHANGE: Velvety black skin beneath all Fae Marking locations; total coverage reached in Atlantis
✩UNCOMMON CHANGE: Bird-like feet
✩UNCOMMON CHANGE: Skirt-like folding tail of feathers
✩UNCOMMON CHANGE: Shifting, independent shadow forming a vessel for Aslla Piscu
✩UNCOMMON CHANGE: An Aura Trail, resembling pixelated shadows and light (Obtained in The Matrix)
✵RARE CHANGE: Large flight capable wings resembling Aslla Piscu's

 Carly, having been influenced by the Ring Master, tends to wear clothing akin to her Dark Signer garb; mini skirts and short tops, in other words. The colours used for this vary however, and she could wear anything from baby blue to jet black (the latter making it fairly odd for anyone staring at her). She also has a fairly decent stash of more comfortable clothes, such as oversized t-shirts however.

1ST CONTRACT: The return of all memories concerning her time as a Dark Signer when she revives human.
2ND CONTRACT: To be able to Travel Faster; Spell to transform into a Hummingbird
3RD CONTRACT: To better understand Aslla Piscu; Access to the magical arts concerning Demon Fire
4TH CONTRACT: To get to know the Ring Master; a day spent with the Ring Master (Not Yet Received)

Duel Disk & D-Wheel Disk retained on entry, D-Wheel obtained after Hell & Back;
Carly's dueling equipment from home, the D-Wheel allows her to now participate in riding duels. ...Or, you know, just drive. Her deck is also here.

Assorted Shells: Gifts from scattered Mer Children
Regal Atlantean Garb: A set of clothes purchased in Atlantis alongside fabric for the Carnival's official fabric stock. It's Very Fancy, and Regal.
Orange Phoenix Fruit Tree: A tree variety of miniature Phoenix Fruit, with caffination properties in the most extreme sense. While it can keep her refreshed and awake, overdose means feeling ill and crashing Hard. It was granted as a gift for assisting the Rescue Mission to Hell.
PokeBean Sprouts: These sprouts came from a series of beans obtained in Alola.
While all of her other supplies were returned to the people of the islands (albeit after copius notes were made regarding 'Nuna'), the beans were kept and planted. Typically they only bear plain beans, and they grow at the same rate of standard ones.

Pokemon Partner: Nuna the Alolan Marowak, captured as a cubone. Her moveset is Shadow Bone, Hex, Fire Spin, Stomping Tantrum.
Her ability, interestingly, is Cursed Body.

Hummingbird Transformation: The ability to become a hummingbird in order to travel faster. This bird is small, predominantly orange and black, and fits within the palm of a person's hand.
Magical Art - Demon Fire: Demon Fire is the creation of a spiritual flame which absorbs the energy of anything that touches it. While typical Demon Fire is violet in entirety, Carly's gives off sparks of orange, and shines with that colour at its core, due to her soul. Demon Fire is harmful, but it is only warm if the wielder desires it, and is unable to actually burn most objects.

Carly is skilled with the Following Spells;
  • Lighter - Lighting Candles and similar with fire.
  • Fireball - A palm-sized fireball that hovers in her hand. Lights up a considerable amount of area, and is good for use as a flashlight!
  • Fire Cloak - Covering either the arms, wings, or both in flames as a form of protection.

    She is Practicing the Following Spells, and may occasionally 'screw up'/spontaneously perform it;
  • Fire Wall - Creating a wall of flame that prevents any from passing it. While growing more skilled, she still occasionally locks herself in an area with it.
  • Line Trace - Causing fire to follow the path of a particular line or shape along the ground. She's managed to improve enough in this ability to use it for demonstrations and even combat, but only within a fraction of the radius at her disposal.

    Other skills may come forward, but will remain entirely within the limits of manipulating the shape of the fire; Demon Fire will not gain any additional abilities in the future, beyond energy sapping and barrier work.

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