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FREQUENCY: 108.75327
DESCRIPTION: While Carly tends to try and answer her radio the minute it's buzzed, it can occasionally be ignored by way of an unfortunate burial within the fabric she's working on. Oops.

LOCATION: Mail Pouch hanging under the trailer awning
DESCRIPTION: Carly made a cute little pouch just for her letters! If you don't use it, she'll never forgive you! ...Or she will, but she'll give you a stern warning, even after the 12th time or so.


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Read it here. Because the font is important to me.
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Re: dat font tho... ...and then there's carly nvfdjkgh

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[He wants to reply, but when it comes time to write a response his mind goes blank. There's nothing he can say, so he simply stays silent.]


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[Susan's watched and listened to Lauren and Carly talk, and even though he's not positive, he thinks that maybe them talking more would be a good thing. They seem to get along pretty well, and Lauren could use more friends... Or maybe more than friends.

When he sees a fancy restaurant in the Matrix, complete with various couples having a romantic meal together, it doesn't take him long to get an idea put together in his head. The first part of which, of course, is a letter to Carly.]

Dear Carly,

This might be kind of forward of me but I was hoping you would want to have dinner with me. I found a place that has food that I thought you might want to go to with me, it's name is [there is a restaurant name here]. If you're interested then please come tomorrow night and I will be there.

Don't respond to this letter!


[Despite being signed as being from Lauren, the handwriting is obviously much messier and less careful than Lauren's writing, but Susan just hopes she won't notice. Now to just get Lauren to show up...]
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[Steven's been making seashell jewelry with the merfolk, and so naturally he's decided to share the wealth with his treasured friends. He'll either give it to you in person or via your mailbox. If in person, he'll pretty much just swim up to you and be like "Here! This is for you! I made it!" and if you get it in the mailbox it will have a note with it that basically says the same thing, plus a small doodle of a heart-shaped fish.

Steven has made Carly a seashell necklace. It will be gifted sometime during the off week.]
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[Nearing the end of Carly's and Lambert's presentation about Mainframe, Allen heads to the trailer park. He hadn't wanted to stick around after he got the gist of it, so he left a little before Q&A was over.

Now he's wandering around the trailers looking rather lost, trying to find which one is hers. Wondering if this is even a good idea. He kind of pried a little back there . . .]
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[Her entrance has him surprised, but he's quick to recover. He's taking all this strangeness as it comes, now. Bring it on.

This doesn't feel right, though.]

Are you really okay with this? I hardly know you, and I don't want to make you too uncomfortable . . .
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[Allen nods once, smiling in a way that he hopes is reassuring and warm.]

Alright. I appreciate it. Would you prefer your place, or mine?
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Mnn...well, I don't actually know where yours I guess if it's not far...

[..Yes about that.]
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Oh! I'm in number 22. [He thumbs over his shoulder] It's back a ways, but it's not far.

[awkward . . . pause . . .]

Shall we, then?
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22? ...well, that's closer than mine then, so I guess that answers it...

Ah, you got everything settled in there though right??

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[If she means worldly possessions, she's got another thing coming. All he's got are clothes.]

I didn't come with much of anything. Don't worry, it's not too messy.

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FREQUENCY 843.77425

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Hey, it's me. You got a minute to talk?
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Huh? No, that's not it. I just wanted to ask a question.

When you practice your magic or get ready to head out and scout, what do you usually do?
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Yeah, I don't think the Ringmaster would be keen on us burning the Carnival down.

What about running, climbing, that kind of thing? You mostly get around by flying, yeah?
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Well, my fire doesn't actually do that, so...

[She coughs.] Lots of flying, yeah! I...wasn't really much for PE...
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Turning her workers into corpses isn't an ideal outcome either, no.

[ Right, 'eats energy.' Whatever, why do so many of his employees have weird types of fire?! ]

What if you're somewhere that doesn't let you use your magic?

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.....................I run as fast as I can.
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How fast is that?

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