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Carly herself is fairly cheery and open, but she can mess up a lot, and that messing up can cause some serious chaos. So if there is anything you'd rather not unintentionally occur (IE 'drinks spilled ALL OVER YOU'), please comment below to let me know.

More importantly however, Carly shares her body with Aslla Piscu, the Earthbound God she bound herself to after her first death. Since her shadow took in enough magic, Aslla has taken to using it as his mouthpiece; while he typically remains silent, he can therefore begin to speak at any moment within a thread. If you would rather not have Aslla appear within a thread unannounced, or even at all, please say so here! HE DEAD, JIM
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CARNIVAL JOB: Supervisor: Wardrobe Manager
JOINED: 3 Years Ago (Before the first Summerlands visit)
TRAILER: #2 | Shared with Jack
POINTS & AC: 145

(Note: Image Outdated)
✧COMMON CHANGE: Long hummingbird-like tongue
✧COMMON CHANGE: Orange tinted bodily fluids
✧COMMON CHANGE: Glowing orange rings around the iris
✧COMMON CHANGE: Distorted reflection occasionally displaying Aslla Piscu In Aslla's absence, Carly's reflection merely varies in 'light intensity' according to her mood.
✧COMMON CHANGE: Bio-luminescent spots & stripes manifesting via Fae Markings
✧COMMON CHANGE: Fae Markings generating from Dark Signer Markings outward, covering arms, legs, back, sides, and face; in Aslla's absence, the Dark Signer marks themselves have altered, and the general pattern has shifted somewhat.
✩UNCOMMON CHANGE: Velvety black skin beneath all Fae Marking locations; total coverage reached in Atlantis Change Overridden after Portland
✩UNCOMMON CHANGE: Bird-like feet
✩UNCOMMON CHANGE: Skirt-like folding tail of feathers
✩UNCOMMON CHANGE: Shifting, independent shadow forming a vessel for Aslla Piscu Despite being light, her shadow shifts to match various portions of her 'light' being. It also occasionally gives away her emotions.
✩UNCOMMON CHANGE: An Aura Trail, resembling pixelated shadows and light (Obtained in The Matrix)
✩UNCOMMON CHANGE: White, 'ashen' skin, velvet to the touch with the appearance of nacre. Revealed as black molted free following return from Portland, replacing all coverage after Aslla's death.
✵RARE CHANGE: Large flight capable wings resembling Aslla Piscu's
✵RARE CHANGE: A side effect of consuming Aslla Piscu's power as her own, Carly's body is almost completely formed of liquid light-her humanoid state contains it beneath the skin, with the fluid visible through the whites of her eyes, and the patches of patterning amid her altered fae markings. Her wings, tail, and even bits of her hair however, bleed it freely, letting the various colours mist into the air behind her.
It is a bit like watching an aurora.

 Carly, having been influenced by the Ring Master, tends to wear clothing akin to her Dark Signer garb; mini skirts and short tops, in other words. The colours used for this vary however, and she could wear anything from baby blue to jet black (the latter making it fairly odd for anyone staring at her, given contrast). She also has a fairly decent stash of more comfortable clothes, such as oversized t-shirts however.

Despite current icons, it should be noted that her eyes are no longer blackened, due to a combination of changes, as well as the absence of Aslla Piscu.

1ST CONTRACT: The return of all memories concerning her time as a Dark Signer when she revives human.
2ND CONTRACT: To be able to Travel Faster; Spell to transform into a Hummingbird
3RD CONTRACT: To better understand Aslla Piscu; Access to the magical arts concerning Demon Fire
4TH CONTRACT: To get to know the Ring Master; a day spent with the Ring Master (Not Yet Received)

Duel Disk & D-Wheel Disk retained on entry, D-Wheel obtained after Hell & Back;
Carly's dueling equipment from home, the D-Wheel allows her to now participate in riding duels. ...Or, you know, just drive. Her deck is also here.

Assorted Shells: Gifts from scattered Mer Children
Regal Atlantean Garb: A set of clothes purchased in Atlantis alongside fabric for the Carnival's official fabric stock. It's Very Fancy, and Regal.
Orange Phoenix Fruit Tree: A tree variety of miniature Phoenix Fruit, with caffination properties in the most extreme sense. While it can keep her refreshed and awake, overdose means feeling ill and crashing Hard. It was granted as a gift for assisting the Rescue Mission to Hell.
PokeBean Sprouts: These sprouts came from a series of beans obtained in Alola.
While all of her other supplies were returned to the people of the islands (albeit after copius notes were made regarding 'Nuna'), the beans were kept and planted. Typically they only bear plain beans, and they grow at the same rate of standard ones.

Pokemon Partner: Nuna the Alolan Marowak, captured as a cubone. Her moveset is Shadow Bone, Hex, Fire Spin, Stomping Tantrum.
Her ability, interestingly, is Cursed Body. Recently, Nuna's 'bone' markings have started to glow a little orange at the edges.

The Count of Crow's Spellbook: A book with 13 (currently untested/unknown) incantations, and numerous blank pages. Carly has the matching quill and ink bottle as well, and may use it to note down any spell techniques she practices in the future. It was pilfered from his Castle while in Portland.

Hummingbird Transformation: The ability to become a hummingbird in order to travel faster. This bird is small, and while formerly orange and black, is now more white and gold. It fits within the palm of a person's hand.
Magical Art - Demon Fire: Demon Fire is the creation of a spiritual flame which absorbs the energy of anything that touches it. While typical Demon Fire is violet in entirety, Carly's gives off flares of orange from within, and shines with that colour at its core, due to her soul. Demon Fire is harmful, but it is only warm if the wielder desires it, and is unable to actually burn most objects.

Carly is skilled with the Following Spells;
  • Lighter - Lighting Candles and similar with fire.
  • Fireball - A palm-sized fireball that hovers in her hand. Lights up a considerable amount of area, and is good for use as a flashlight!
  • Fire Cloak - Covering either the arms, wings, or both in flames as a form of protection.
  • Fire Wall - Creating a wall of flame that prevents any from passing it. While growing more skilled, she still occasionally locks herself in an area with it.
  • Line Trace - Causing fire to follow the path of a particular line or shape along the ground. She's managed to improve enough in this ability to use it for demonstrations and even combat, but only within a fraction of the radius at her disposal.

    Other skills may come forward, but will remain entirely within the limits of manipulating the shape of the fire; Demon Fire will not gain any additional abilities in the future, beyond energy sapping and barrier work. Having managed relative mastery of the above however, her current project is not only to shape it into creatures, but to combine it with other techniques.

    Magical Art - Hell Fire: A red-gold in colour, Hell-Fire is an incredibly ferocious flame, burning on nothing but Carly's own energy, and able to eat through even metal. It is hot, and deadly, and the offensive counterpart to her demon fire to an extent. It is the magical art which she retained from her time as a warlock in Portland.

    Carly is skilled with the Following Spells;
  • Sheer Heat - Heating up her body, or what she touches, to such an extent that water will even steam off. This is only very effective with small amounts of moisture, but it's certainly hot enough to burn others. If overdone, she risks causing explosions within the objects she touches.
  • Fireball - A weaponized fireball that can be launched ahead. Can be used in smaller forms to light objects aflame.
  • Fire Blast - A more steady stream of flame, launched ahead in order to cause immense damage. This skill is incredibly taxing however, and Carly prefers to stick with fireballs, or fire whips.
  • Fire Whip - A technique derived from the forms of demon fire. The idea is to create a 'whip' of flame, a 'permanent' weapon to be used against the enemy. It is at present difficult to control, and disperses within two minutes.

    As this power was inherited to an extent from Portland, her efforts with this magic are less in what she can add to the spell count, and more in how she can utilize it in tandem with her demon fire techniques.

  • ⇨ OOC INFO
    PLAYER: Usagi
    CONTACT: [ profile] usagisquared


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    FREQUENCY: 108.75327
    DESCRIPTION: While Carly tends to try and answer her radio the minute it's buzzed, it can occasionally be ignored by way of an unfortunate burial within the fabric she's working on. Oops.

    LOCATION: Mail Pouch hanging under the trailer awning
    DESCRIPTION: Carly made a cute little pouch just for her letters! If you don't use it, she'll never forgive you! ...Or she will, but she'll give you a stern warning, even after the 12th time or so.

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    Below is a more detailed timeline of Carnival events than what can be seen on Carly's App.

  • Carly arrives just before the Carnival moves to the Summerlands, just after she and Aslla Piscu are condemned to the Netherworld (not to be confused with the Nether Realm). She makes her deal here, and soon joins them as the carnival moves onward.

  • While relaxing in the Summerlands, Carly gets acquainted to the crew of the Carnival, while doing her best to ignore how her eyes never returned to normal. Aslla remains quiet during this time.

  • It is when the Carnival moves to perform for the Hive Queen that Carly starts to experience changes. Initially she pays them no mind-her first change is a lengthy extending tongue, while her bodily fluids take on a unique tint. By the end of the tour however, as they move for the trees, Fae Marks appear on her body...dying her skin black beneath glowing orange.

  • While performing for the trees, Carly begins to panic, and considers running away. The trees are just trees, she's sure, and the forest would be easy to run through. Aslla, at this time, starts to speak to try and convince her otherwise; it is talk from her then trailermate however, that convinces her to stay. There are tears, and reminders that she has only the rest of the year left, and that she should enjoy herself until then.

  • The Carnival moves to perform for heaven's Angels, Birds, and even the Omnipresent Super Being. Curiously enough, Carly remains rather oblivious to the fact that the OSB is a single entity for a fair amount of the time, instead rather distracted by the fact that she's growing feathers and such. She reminds herself that there isn't much time left, and the Carnival moves for Future Japan.

  • ...Future Japan reminds Carly of her home, Neo Domino to say the least. It's strange to see a place that's so much better off than hers however, and she wonders about all the things she left behind. Having a place so familiar however, makes it easier for Aslla to do what he's been trying the whole time-to get her to enjoy herself.

  • As the Carnival moves through the Universe's Got Talent competition to finally attend a Wake for a solar system, Carly finds the ending of her 'Year' not unlike the end of the Universe. All things must end, but she realizes that despite the struggles that took so much of it, she was just starting to enjoy herself. It's not fair...

  • Aslla Piscu reminds her that it doesn't have to end just yet however. The Carnival, he declares, could have easily decided to 'miss' the wake of the solar system. With how it moves through time and dimensions, they could have come before or after. The Ringmaster will do the same for her, when she chooses to go home.

  • Carly considers Aslla's words, and also how while she'll apparently return to life, Aslla will remain in the earth. So she musters up the courage to ask for a new contract with the Ringmaster, taking the ability to become a Hummingbird (little different from what she requested, but alright) in exchange for the promise to work another year.

  • Though the Carnival year is off to a rocky start with the Elementals, the shenanigans involved with disguising themselves as robots allows Carly to better fall into a good mood overall. This is despite bearing various splotches of black feathers over her body, and so on.

  • It comes to a brief grinding halt when they reach the Demon Realm, with Carly finding herself asking Aslla Piscu if it reminded him of his home. (The answer was no, the realms are entirely different) Carly ends up occasionally lending an Out-of-Work hand to the Warden during the tour here however, prompting her to briefly ask if Carly would consider a Patrol role. She declines however, fretting over the 'muscle' side of things.

  • The Warden seems to consider Carly's reasoning, as a short while later as the Carnival moves to the King's Court, she's offered the chance to maybe train for a Scouting position with the Nightrider. Things are a little tricky to think about when you're busy running away with the King's jewels, but by the time they reach Musicverse Carly starts the crash course training.

  • Passing through the notes and moods springing forward in the Musicverse, Carly manages to, by the end of the tour here, net herself a chance to try working with the Nightrider's Scouts. Their next destination has already been decided, so this is a good test right?

  • Well, the test worked in a sense. The Nightrider already knew it was fine-this is just the Cleaning Trip after all. Carly however gets to experience some mild panic when all those rules she thought she had downpat turned out to be different, and her new coworkers get a bit of a kick from the 'initiation' when they break her out of jail-line to get going for the next destination.

  • The next number of locations pass in a blur, more or less-while the Grays are certainly an Experience on their own, Carly travels with the other Scouts and learns a bit more about how to look for danger, and how to determine if the location choice is best.

  • The Fashion World in particular ends up quite an experience, as outside her single outfit from her time with the Dark Signers, Carly is still clinging somewhat to her typical capris and such-which doesn't quite work now that she's growing a tail. With some encouragement from more than a few others, she winds up leaving with quite a change in wardrobe!!

  • With the party held for the Asgardian Soldiers leaving her in such a good mood, Carly again thinks of home however. Not about returning-but rather, as Aslla Piscu has slowly been getting a little more chatty, what will happen to the bird. She creates another contract with this in mind, gaining access to his fire magic much to her shock.

  • The Nether Realm becomes a source of great effort for Carly; even though she's a scout, she tries as much as she can to find a way to give the dead a good time, while attempting not to burn them with spirit fire. When they reach the realm of Wizards, this becomes increasingly awkward; her magic is pretty dark by their standards! Carly couldn't fly away to the next destination faster, in the end.

  • Sci-Fi Utopia brings more homesickness of sorts, with Carly asking if Aslla can see how her world is doing. Aslla naturally answers that he can't-if he could, that would mean time passes there while she's here, wouldn't it? It sparks a conversation on how 'frozen' time works, ending in a relieved Carly going back to enjoying herself just in time for some good old fashioned Heroes and Villains!

  • Carly's fire ends up getting a little bit of minor use chasing a villain out of the Carnival, prompting a reunion with the current Warden; her job is going well, thank you!! In her mind in fact, things couldn't be better. She's happy, she's got friends...

  • And then by the time they visit the OSB again, they receive a warning. Carly doesn't hear the warning of course-but when they reach the Vampire World, she wishes she had. The Scouts are responsible for the safety check of the next destination. They're meant to make sure the world is safe, but it wasn't.

  • And now everyone is dead. In the Vampire World, the Nightrider gathered them for what would have been her first 'major' mission outside the typical duties of the Scout. Instead of scouting for the Carnival, she would be scouting for battle. They went in-and arguably at the time succeeded.

  • They were followed back, however, and scout that she was, Carly finds herself unsure of if she is to blame or not. It is a state many of them are in when they return to the Summerlands, spending a whole two months there doing their best to cope and recover. In a sense, the Crossroads they come to afterward are 'symbolic'. A crossroad of decisions coming to the end of the year, as Carly considers going back to her world.

  • Somehow, she can't bring herself to leave. More than ever, with the ones she cares about in the Carnival, the ones that are still there, remaining behind-it feels wrong. It feels like abandonment, even, to leave now! ...So she asks the Ringmaster for something simple, something that perhaps would make her smile as well. A chance to get to know the other.

    And the next year will begin.
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    Name: Usagi
    Contact: [ profile] usagisquared
    Other Characters: N/A

    Character Name: Carly Nagisa
    Age: 19-20 (Assumed; no actual age given)
    Species: Undead (Former Human/Technical Human)
    Canon: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds
    Canon Point: 'Death' (End Ep 59; She would have been sealed with Aslla Piscu in the Netherworld)
    Character Info: Here
    Personality: Carly Nagisa, at first glance, is every bit the ditzy archetype one expects from her glasses. She stammers when she gets nervous, she fumbles and fails constantly, and more pathetically it seems that any chance she has to shine she finds herself turning into a sore thumb. But Carly stands as a surprising expansion on such a character, as not only is there more to her personality, but her seemingly trope-y aspects themselves have reason behind them.

    The easiest thing to see in Carly is how she gets carried away. Be it by anger or happiness, or even sadness, Carly tends to exaggerate her emotions, grinning widely and smugly when she's won something over, while breaking into waterworks of tears if things have headed south and there's no visible way out. Occasionally this is played seriously; that in itself lends to this aspect of her being more than just humor, such as her incredibly honest breakdown after realizing she's become a Dark Signer.

    Her anger by far is the thing she gets caught in the most, alongside superiority. When she's challenged, Carly has two responses, dictated entirely by the amount of threat power they have over her. When it's someone in her way, someone who has no hold on her for work or otherwise, she flares up-she protests any actions against her, either turning on them with accusations in her favor, or simply telling them off on the spot with hair-thin excuses. Anything that comes to mind-whether it makes sense or not-comes out of her mouth.

    And this habit of hers has gotten her into trouble more than once. Carly speaks a little too freely-as much as she shrinks and apologizes profusely when she crosses the line or somehow upsets someone who does have power over her (or in the case of Jack, is merely someone she cares for), she still lets herself get carried away with the moment, openly commenting and protesting to various things or simply leaping into the moment ('IT'S MY TURN!' 'It's MY turn!' 'Sorry-!'). As noted, many of these moments end in her apologizing quite instinctively-lest she face some unknown punishment almost, her head ducked and her voice shrill.

    Her apologetic nature can be understood as more than merely a defense against being fired or hurt, when it's realized how kind she is. One of her strongest traits, so strong that the Earthbound God Aslla Piscu needs to constantly have a hold over her, is her kindness. Carly's greatest dream even as a child was to simply witness others doing their best. She is someone who feels greatly for the struggles of others, and the truth in their pain, and wants to share it with the world. Carly's kindness is what allows her to put aside even her career for Jack's sake, before she realizes she's fallen in love with him-and it's more importantly what pushes her to give Jack the heartwarming idea of becoming a King for the People.

    Of course, her kindness does not always define her actions-she can be selfish, as she was when initially trying to find Jack to interview him, or when trying to escape the scene of Yuusei's duel before the police arrived. The very reason she continued her investigations, and the wish that allowed her to rise from the dead are both incredible examples of her selfish desires! ...Desires that she regrets after the fact.

    At the core of everything however, Carly is a kind-and more importantly, a strong, dedicated person. For all that she stammers when under pressure, for all that she can be carried away with excitement or fear, Carly sticks to her path once she gets on it. Her fortunes can only be used to move her forward (using good ones to boost her mood and looking at bad ones only to say that she 'can't let that stop [her]!'), and she has been seen using anything from bartering to disguise to pave her way toward the meat of her latest scoop. She has, in her own words, lived on the streets before-and in her own words, she has sworn to never go back.

    In many ways Carly is like a child-selfish in her initial actions, quick to snap back or draw back, quick to grin over her achievements and more importantly quick to react. But her kindness, her dedication, and her hidden intelligence when it comes to what is needed to get a job done-even if it's as simple as catching that someone's anger is the key to making someone talk-show an innocent maturity that touches many. She is the one who would give everything for someone else to become 'something', even if she fails to say as much to start.

    And that kindness is something that defies even the darkest things that lie in the earth's own heart.

    Darkness can taint, however; while Carly herself is a woman of laughter, and care, the influence of Aslla Piscu tainted this significantly. During the first time she is infected with this darkness, Carly acts with only vengeance in mind. Her former, charming interest in drawing cards for fortune becomes an obsession with her opponent and murderer's fate, to the point where she ironically refers to the same ultimatum he gave to her; one turn to save themselves.

    This poetic manner of taunting, and seeming glee in the suffering of the opponent under the hand of fate, carries on to how Carly acts when she is fooled into influence again. After asking Aslla Piscu to help her understand her purpose, she seems at least partially aware, and even ashamed of herself when she encounters Jack-a shadow of the true Carly, who could not bear the violence of her crimes in this state. When they duel however, this shadow is gone. Carly under the influence of the Earthbound God is hellbent on defeating Jack for the sake of being 'eternally bound' to him, claiming that fate will have Jack lose and be hers for all time. She relishes in his struggles, and is confident in his inevitable loss, violently clashing against him even physically.

    Aslla Piscu himself is, from these points, clearly a poetic sort. When he takes absolute control of Carly in fact, casting aside everything about her to steer destiny himself, he is more than entertained by the idea of using Carly's hands to murder her beloved (or in his words, for Jack to have his soul claimed by his beloved). Aslla Piscu is every bit cruel and manipulative as he appears as a shadow through Carly's eyes, desiring absolute obedience when it comes to how he wants fate to proceed. His cooperation is a facade, meant only to continue his existence; and even his cooperation in itself, given his treatment of Carly, is little more than playing with his chosen envoy. Aslla Piscu after all, is a god-a god of death, and destruction. Humans in his eyes are beneath him, and his chosen servants are only tools for which he can walk among his 'subjects'.

    How fitting then, that instead of returning to the world below as he inevitably will, he be forced to listen to his former servant's word instead. Thanks to the figurative chain created by the need to stay on the goodside of both Carly herself and the Ringmaster who allowed him to continue existing, Aslla Piscu tends to keep to himself for the most part in the carnival, preferring to speak if it means preserving 'their' (his and Carly's) lives. Over time in the Carnival however, he would have likely started to speak a little more out of the need to gain Carly's positive opinion, so with Carly in particular he focuses on her interests and desires, playing to them as if he were puppetting again. As his ability to do even this is limited however, he grows easily frustrated when something fails to go 'as planned' or 'according to fate', and on top of this, his typical mannerisms and attitudes make it nigh impossible to truly do something for free...making any conversation with other characters (which he really prefers not to do anyway) feel a bit like trying to bargain with a demon. Or, at the very least, a lawyer.

    Abilities: Carly as a human was about as strong as a young human girl-perhaps weaker, in fact. While a Dark Signer (and therefore, now), she seems relatively unchanged in physical capabilities. She did, however, gain a shiny new deck, duel disk, and d-wheel, and as a Dark Signer she was able to inflict actual damage using these cards. The only ability she does receive is known as Future Sight, wherein Aslla Piscu themselves tells Carly what will come of a certain choice she or another makes.

    Due to the power cap, and also to represent a sturdy leash being set on Aslla himself, she should be unable to regularly use the duel disk beyond 'normal' use...which is to say that unless she puts some focus and energy into it, matter passes through these holograms, and the bike should she ever retrieve it, is a bike (It wasn't exactly strapped to her wrist after all). Naturally, Aslla Piscu's 'Future Vision' in the meantime is restricted to the game's Fortune Telling rules.


  • Real Damage Duel Monsters - Through the possession of her Dark Signer Duel Disk (which kinda came in with her attached to her arm), or D-Wheel (did not come attached to her arm), and cards, she would be able to summon them with enough mass to inflict actual damage onto others, as if the monsters were in fact real. In Lost Carnival, this will require a certain amount of focus, and summoning/losing monsters costs energy.

  • Future Sight - Aslla Piscu's ability, technically; he is able to loosely forsee the result of various actions, and from that result, predict an entire 'future'. He has the unfortunate habit of assuming one single path is 'destiny' despite seeing more than one outcome however.

    BONUS - SHE CAN SEE, 20/20 VISION UP HERE, WOW, AMAZING (this is legitimately a thing that happened)

    Soul Colour: Orange - Carly's soul is technically drawn from her Earthbound God, Aslla Piscu; this is because the EBGs themselves don't actually seem to be where the colours of their monsters come from. Carly herself was already associated with orange (her vest), and others were similar (Misty associated with Green, etc etc).

    Purple is thus the colour of Aslla Piscu's soul; it's the colour of the flames and the Dark Signer marks, as well as the colour of Carly's eyes when Aslla Piscu takes full control in canon; additionally, their placement on the colourwheel emphasizes contrast between the two!

    Ideal Job
  • Scout (Top Choice)
  • Lighting/Effects
  • Tailor


    Relevant Experience: Carly was a Reporter in her life-while a seemingly poor one, she displayed a number of useful skills and adaptations that proved otherwise. She was able to whip up costumes easily despite being relatively low on funds, talk and negotiate with shadier sorts in order to pursue a lead, and short of dying for her efforts, successfully dug up enough dirt on Arcadia that she could likely have taken it down in one fell swoop if she was given the chance to write on it!

    While working that job, her navigation and instincts were uncannily on point as well, and every step she took almost fatefully brought her toward the very 'scoop' she chased after. All the same, her experience as a Dark Signer brings an interesting spin on other opportunities-driving a D-Wheel through the wreckage of Satellite is no easy task, and could be comparable to proper motorcross. She might rely on flight more now, but she's practiced heavily with that since the moment she could do it. Another thing the Nightrider might have found useful when it comes to scoping out new lands! (and it'll be nice to not have someone destroying the 'evidence' of what she's found for everyone this time around.)

    When it came to the camera on that note, she is shown (later in the series admittedly, though given the time that passed by then this can be assumed to be an already existing skill) to have some experience in presentation, as she edited her photos herself. In her initial appearance as well, she's seen attempting to self-record with her camera in order to prepare for an article; so she seems to have knowledge on the behind-the-scenes aspects of such things.

  • Carly was formerly a street reporter, and though luck often meant her 'scoop' failing to meet the deadline, she was skilled in navigation and tracking (she had a device that could detect active duels in fact, and collected info on their 'power output')
  • Related to that, she has experience snooping around where she likely shouldn't be, making deals with potential informants, and has a generally strong ability to notice the less than typical (IE 'why was Yuusei Fudou's arm glowing?').
  • She has a good ability to problem solve, assuming she isn't too flustered (and she has Aslla Piscu to keep her on task for THAT)
  • She has experience driving, both cars and bikes alike, and the added ability to become a hummingbird as of her second year start with the Carnival.
  • Various costume switches on the fly show that while her fashion might be crippled by her wallet, she can still whip up a good disguise if need be (nurse and cleaning lady being her biggest ones)-supporting her ability as a tailor.
  • Her work as a reporter involved working with cameras and a general ability to 'present', as her eventual works in photography are self-edited to show the best of what is there. (This alone would not qualify her for something like a Lighting Position, but it is worth noting more because after a few years she could have added to that training by working with other employees in the Carnival)

    Carnival Experience: A point form version of this, written to assume Carly begins as a Scout, is located here. The below, written in prose, is left open to any position, and is additionally more vague & concise.

    Carly was, and is, dead. Super dead. Double Dead, one could even say, what with dying after already being dead to begin with. The only reason she can visit the Carnival in the first place is because the place she ended up after dying happened to end up a location that it visited. Because of the whole being Dead deal though, there was little she wanted for herself-if she wanted anything at all. Hesitant as she would have been to make deals on her deathbed thanks to a certain bird, however, she could easily be charmed into the idea of making a deal with the Ringmaster when she arrived at the Carnival with nowhere to go and no idea what to do. Surely there would have been something worth a year and a day of work right? It's like a vacation!

    Except with a contract.

    Carly wanted more than anything to ensure Jack's happiness-but as the Ringmaster would have warned, that task, when phrased as Carly put it, is more in her hands rather than the Ringmaster's.

    Assuming, of course, Carly remembers that much when she returns. Carly was, needless to say, made aware of the impending loss of her memories (whether through Aslla Piscu's warnings, or the Ringmaster's own-though realistically, it was probably the bird that started it and the Ringmaster who confirmed). With that knowledge in mind, Carly finds herself with incentive to work with the Carnival rather than accept death and rebirth-she asks the Ringmaster (now that her own life isn't in the equation) if it is possible to keep the memories of her time as a Dark Signer, and onward, even after she returns to life. The answer, naturally, is 'yes', though Carly gets the added point that she's welcome to, ahem. Come see her if her 'friend' gets out of line during that time.

    ...Along with the assurance that he won't be sticking around when she revives (that's the Crimson Dragon's doing though).

    Being in the Carnival for the first year would have been almost frightening for dear Carly however. Her appearance as a Dark Signer never reverted, since she was brought there in that state. Her coming changes to adapt to the Carnival only reflected that even more, to the point where she considered fleeing the Carnival during their time with the Trees-something that a few others would have thankfully intervened on. Between any budding friendships and the 'surprising' turn around from Aslla Piscu after the fact (what with incurring debt with the carnival being the closest he's come to death AGAIN, according to more than a few potential futures he'd seen), Carly starts to recover from that moment on however.

    In particular, as they reach the next destination, it's made clear that Carly's changes are hers and hers alone, and not the property of her hitch-hiking earthbound god. The Carnival even becomes fun once that fear fades-from chatting it up with people at the cash register, or enjoying the games and treats herself, it offers her something she only really had in Jack, and perhaps Misty in her world.

    Family, and friends. By the time a full year passes, Carly doesn't want to leave-she's too attached to the people she's come to know, and to the things she's seen and done thus far. It's just enough weakness that Aslla Piscu can encourage it, albeit with more emphasis on her wants than on anything potentially malicious about it; time will pass no farther than the moment she left, until she returns. It's like being in a pocket!

    So what's one more year, then?

    Carly thus asks the Ringmaster if she could please stay another year more-and the Ringmaster, naturally, answers that she must make some sort of contract for it first. Carly therefore asks if she could have a quicker way to travel about, and much to her shock, gets something very different from a motorcycle for it! The new power comes in handy however, whether or not a slot opens on the Scout team under the Nightrider; perhaps after some practice and time, Carly earned herself the right to go ahead of the Carnival and scout out possible locations for new and exciting venues, a task that only endears her more to the Carnival as a whole. Alternatively, her hummingbird shape gives her access up and above in the wires of the lighting to brighten up the show for others, or just serves as a quicker way to get to and from some other eventual 'permanent' position.

    A year and a day passes so quickly it might as well have been a blink; through the coming days, she finds herself combining forces and thoughts with Aslla Piscu a bit more on things as well, leading her to try and involve him a little more in what she does outside of dire situations. So when the time comes to finish the contract, Carly hesitates-Aslla Piscu will return underground when she returns home, and she will return to life. This is the Hummingbird's last time above ground-and for the last while, he's been far 'kinder' in her eyes than he was during those few days as a Dark Signer.

    So with her mind made up, she makes a new contract to start year three with. To 'better understand Aslla Piscu'. Rather than peering into Aslla's mind or similar, Carly is granted access to some of the bird's former power; something to better make them work together, and learn from the other.

    It came in handy when the Vampire War happened, to say the least. They grew close-and Carly grew more fond of the Carnival still, if it could even be possible. When the war occurred and ended, her final thoughts while standing at the Crossroads at the end of the year was...she couldn't leave her remaining friends, now, right after all that had happened.

    And she was out of things to ask for. She couldn't ask to bring someone else there-Jack would never have liked that after all. But she didn't want to leave, not now. So when the time came to end, or renew her contract, she asked for the first thing that came to mind.

    All this time, she has been working for the Ringmaster in her wonderful Carnival-helping her to even understand the one sharing her body.

    ...Could she then, perhaps, be allowed to know the Ringmaster more as well?

    Existing Contract: 'I wish to be able to make Jack happy, no matter what!' (First Year of Service)
    Details: It turns out canon events would make this very much Not Happen; Carly learns she would revive naturally, but forget everything that happened during her time as a Dark Signer. She thus made the contract with the agreement that when she does return and revive, she retains her memories and is thus able to continue her relationship with Jack that way. It's considered 'paid for', so this will come into effect as soon as she finally does choose to stop making New Contracts.

    Existing Contract: 'If there is some way to be able to travel easier, that would be enough right?' (Second Year of Service)
    Details: Carly was expecting a bike or something in return for a contract made half on a whim; what she got was a small spell, with which she can turn into a hummingbird and back. It's a very unique little hummingbird, largely black and orange with the feel of velvet. And the same metabolism as well, sadly. (EAT THEM BUGS, CARLY) Notably, the bird is palmsized.

    Existing Contract: 'I want to understand Aslla Piscu more.' (Third Year of Service)
    Details: Since Aslla Piscu benefits significantly from Carly NOT going back, even if it means little control over her (look, it beats being locked underground for 5000 years again), it's used the last two years trying to get on her good side. Very Confusing, but since she can't think of much else to use as an excuse to stay longer, figuring out what makes the bird tick makes sense!

    What Carly receives is the ability to utilize some of Aslla Piscu's magic-the only downside being that she has to figure out the spells all on her own.

    With that in mind, the Earthbound Magic is based in matters of cold fire-since sucking out souls would be Pretty OP, the fire naturally takes energy from anything it makes contact with, once that aspect of the magic kicks in. It can be manipulated over the body, or along lines to form a shape, naturally sapping the life out of whatever it directly touches-and in some cases, form a barrier blocking out intruders.

    At the time of game start, Carly will able able to create a small flame in her hands, or light candles with it. She can also spread the fire over her arms and wings, creating a protective cloak, but she can't get it to stick along the ground yet, or make barriers! Also, since it is hers rather than Aslla Piscu's, the flames have an orange glow to the core of them.

    Also it just Really Looks Cool.

    Existing Contract: 'I would like, if I can, the chance to know you better Miss Ringmaster!' (Active Contract; 'Reward' yet un-received)
    Details: Carly's request translates out to 'A fun day spent with the Ringmaster'! The best kind of reward isn't it? She can't claim this one for a long time, but this is what keeps her working for the next year and a day in the carnival!

    Current Changes: An image can be found here. Note that the blackness of the eyes comes from being a Dark Signer.

    Common: 8 Changes
    * Fae Marks (Originated near her branded Dark Signer marks, appearing as squiggling, curling lines that eventually coat much of the body.)
    * Orange tinted bodily fluids
    * Long Hummingbird-like Tongue
    * Patches of black 'feathers' (Aslla Piscu Style! Those ears of hers are actually still round.)
    * Inhuman Eye features (An orange ring exists in her iris; it glows in the dark)
    * Bioluminescent spots/stripes (Manifesting via the Fae Marks)
    * Distorted Reflection (Occasionally shows Aslla Piscu, or a more 'villainous' her.)
    * Abnormal skin colour/texture (appears black around the fae marks & feathers, feeling akin to velvet)
    Uncommon: 3 Changes
    * Bird-like feet
    * A skirt-like, folding bird tail
    * Shifting, 'independent' shadow (Hi Aslla Piscu)
    * Flight Capable Wings resembling Aslla Piscu's

    Bonus Mental Changes:
    * An instinctive fear of Iron. Comes with all the changes really.
    * The tendency to prefer flying over walking, as well as using her tongue to drink.
    * A lack of understanding toward matters conflicting with her own; for example, anyone who Really does not want to be at the Carnival would cause confusion, with Carly attempting to very much prove that it is Absolutely Really Great Here...since that's what she herself believes.

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